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For  DISC Styles

1: Dominance High “D” Style
Leaving Voicemails for Dominant Styles

  • Give your phone number at beginning and end
  • Articulate clearly at a quicker rate of speech
  • Tell them exactly why you are calling
  •  Tell them exactly what you want them to do
  • Let them know what to expect with next step

Sending e-mails to Dominant Styles


I know you’re constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies, leverage technology to your advantage and gain a competitive advantage over your competition.
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Success all ways,
Scott Zimmerman
The Cyrano Group

2: Influence High “I” Style 
Leaving Voicemails for Interactive Styles

  • Use a warm, expressive tone of voice
  • Give the impression that you are upbeat
  • Suggest a meeting where you can share ideas
  • If appropriate, give them your “private” number
  • Let them know the first meeting is exploratory

Sending e-mails to Interactive Styles

Dear Bob,

I know you’re big into sending out info that increases your top-of-mind awareness with your clients, prospects and colleagues. That’s what makes you so successful!
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Let me know what you think!


3: Steadiness High “S” Style
Leaving Voicemails for Steady Styles

  • Lean back in your chair and relax
  • Smile as you speak warmly at a measured rate
  • Sound personable; yet still professional
  • If possible, tell them who referred you
  • Thank them in advance for returning your call

Sending e-mails to Steady Styles

Dear Robert,

I know you care deeply about keeping your clients, helping others and staying in contact with all your prospects.
I just found this article that teaches how to leverage high-tech to create high-touch client relationships and I wanted you to have the information, too.
Feel free to call me if you want to DISCuss this personally.


4: Conscientious High “C” Style
Leaving Voicemails for Compliant Styles

  • Articulate clearly at a steady rate of speech
  • Remain cool, calm and professional
  • Tell them exactly why you are calling
  • Tell them exactly what you want them to do
  • Let them know what to expect with next step

Sending e-mails to Compliant Styles


I just read a very informative article about how smart salespeople are systematising every aspect of their client/prospect communication activities.
You may click here to read an article that teaches how to leverage high-tech to automate high-touch campaigns.
Toward your marketing success,

Scott Zimmerman
Managing Partner of TheCyranoGroup.com


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How to Identify DISC Styles

I am often asked by people how they can identify other people’s styles.

It is firstly important to identify your own style. However, identifying the style of others can be very easy. Here are a few tips:

 “How does this benefit ME?”
 Very impatient
 Becomes irritated easily
 Has difficulty understanding others’ viewpoints/feelings
 Focuses on the big picture
 Makes decisions quickly, almost hastily

 Does not pay close attention
 May ask same questions several times
 Jumps subject to subject
 Dislikes/avoids hard facts
 May make decisions spontaneously
 Appears disorganised
 May touch you, is comfortable with physical contact

 Appears thoughtful
 Completely new ideas/things seem to make him/her uncomfortable
 Ponders alternatives, slow in making decisions
 “Let me think about it.”
 Needs own physical space

 May have done homework on the products/services
 May be very critical; criticism based on facts, not opinions
 Makes decision only after studying pertinent facts/issues
 Not comfortable with physical contact

Identify your own style? Don’t be concerned if you haven’t. It’s not really a fair question, as most people are a combination of styles rather than just one. Although there are what we call “pure styles” (100% one style) out there. Maybe you know some.