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For  DISC Styles

1: Dominance High “D” Style
Leaving Voicemails for Dominant Styles

  • Give your phone number at beginning and end
  • Articulate clearly at a quicker rate of speech
  • Tell them exactly why you are calling
  •  Tell them exactly what you want them to do
  • Let them know what to expect with next step

Sending e-mails to Dominant Styles


I know you’re constantly looking for ways to increase efficiencies, leverage technology to your advantage and gain a competitive advantage over your competition.
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Success all ways,
Scott Zimmerman
The Cyrano Group

2: Influence High “I” Style 
Leaving Voicemails for Interactive Styles

  • Use a warm, expressive tone of voice
  • Give the impression that you are upbeat
  • Suggest a meeting where you can share ideas
  • If appropriate, give them your “private” number
  • Let them know the first meeting is exploratory

Sending e-mails to Interactive Styles

Dear Bob,

I know you’re big into sending out info that increases your top-of-mind awareness with your clients, prospects and colleagues. That’s what makes you so successful!
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Let me know what you think!


3: Steadiness High “S” Style
Leaving Voicemails for Steady Styles

  • Lean back in your chair and relax
  • Smile as you speak warmly at a measured rate
  • Sound personable; yet still professional
  • If possible, tell them who referred you
  • Thank them in advance for returning your call

Sending e-mails to Steady Styles

Dear Robert,

I know you care deeply about keeping your clients, helping others and staying in contact with all your prospects.
I just found this article that teaches how to leverage high-tech to create high-touch client relationships and I wanted you to have the information, too.
Feel free to call me if you want to DISCuss this personally.


4: Conscientious High “C” Style
Leaving Voicemails for Compliant Styles

  • Articulate clearly at a steady rate of speech
  • Remain cool, calm and professional
  • Tell them exactly why you are calling
  • Tell them exactly what you want them to do
  • Let them know what to expect with next step

Sending e-mails to Compliant Styles


I just read a very informative article about how smart salespeople are systematising every aspect of their client/prospect communication activities.
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Toward your marketing success,

Scott Zimmerman
Managing Partner of TheCyranoGroup.com


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Good communication and relationships improves your happiness and wellbeing

Every day two factors have a crucial influence on our life experiences –

  • our ability to effectively communicate with others
  • our ability to create successful relationships

Personal or professional interactions? It doesn’t matter. Our ability to interact positively with others is crucial to our success and happiness. Did you know that the main factor in determining happiness and well-being is the quality of your relationships?

Some relationships develop beautifully and naturally. The more you interact with some people, the stronger the relationship and pleasure in those interactions. With others, it can be a bit more of a challenge.

Unfortunately, we don’t always get to choose who we interact with – personally – “Darling, I would like to introduce you to your future sister-in-law“. Or professionally – “Welcome to the firm, I would like to introduce you to your team“.  Some “relationships” are inevitable.  But they don’t have to be the bane of our existence.

There are 4 simple steps to effective communication, and they are all about style – DISC Style.

Step 1 Develop an understanding of DISc Theory and the 4 behavioural styles

Here’s a quick look at the 4 behavioural styles for you

Basic DISC Styles by Talent Tools

Step 2  Know, and understand your own style

I do recommend the best way to do this is to complete a highly validated and reliable DISC questionnaire and receive your own report – investment $150 + gst and 10 minutes. For greater value add a debrief session with a qualified DISC Consultant (add $100 + gst and 45 minutes).

It’s easy, just go to http://www.myedos.com and enter the Access Code:  AUS-TTDATA and complete the online questionnaire. We will receive your report as soon as you complete the questionnaire, invoice you and then send your report.

Alternatives are to read one of the many DISC Styles books on the market.  Or enquire about our online DISC introductory Training or our 4 Steps to Effective Communication Training Workshops.

Step 3  Learn to identify the behavioural style of others

This is surprisingly easy to do once you have completed Steps 1 and 2 above.

Step 4  Adapt your communication

This is not so easy – it takes effort and energy to do. However, it is something you have been doing all your life, probably without realising or thinking too much about it – when the relationship has been important to you. Think back, do you interact differently with different people???

To quickly get started improving your well-being and happiness through relationships and positive interpersonal interactions, download our free DISC Styles Ready Reference Charts now.

The  DISC Behavioural theory is deceptively simple and easy to understand; and yet, it can have a tremendous impact on all of your personal and professional relationships. It can be discreetly applied in any interpersonal interactions, with amazingly positive outcomes.