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DISC @ work basics

“DISC”, is a theory of people’s response to environmental stimuli, based on human developmental theory.

Extended DISC, DiSC, MBTI and many other products are tools based on Marston’s

Basic DISC Styles by Talent Tools

Basic DISC Styles by Talent Tools

personality model and focus on four fundamental personality/behavioural aspects. The dynamics of these four aspects creates a powerful and simple picture of strengths, potential, and how the individual communicates and approaches other people and tasks.

You can apply DISC theory to better understand yourself, and the behaviour and preferences of your colleagues and/or customers.

Reports, often used as an integrated part of any developmental initiatives.

Individual DISC reports are often used as the basis for individual development,  the development of leadership, sales and teams in millions of organisations around the globe. They are also used in recruitment and to find out more about the natural styles of high performing employees. One of the major advantages of working with a report that provides a behaviour and preferences profile is that it creates a common language, which makes it easy to interact positively with both clients and colleagues.

Team reports provide valuable information and guidance for teams to capitalise on the different strengths present in the group, which provide insight and understanding of the frustrations of some team members and identify ways the team members can work to complement each other.ClickCalling - Call Us For Free Now!

For more information about DISC tools, accreditation training or in-house workshops, visit  http://talenttools.com.au/extended-disc.html

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